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Employee Calendar

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Verde HR has a calendar function that allows the user to view certain system generated events if “My Calendar” in self-serve or by Administrators in Attendance/Calendar in the employee section of the Application .
An Administrator  can view an employee calendar in Verde HR. To view a calendar in Verde HR, log on to the software. Self-Serve opens automatically in My Holidays; Click on Employees (see 1 on the screenshot below) Then select  attendance from the side menu (see 2 on the screenshot below) The select calendar from the top menu highlighted in grey (see 3 on the screenshot below) .


The calendar entries are system generated and the calendar can not be directly updated by an administrator. The only information that can be added to the calendar is the information directly generated from the modules outlined below.

Updating the calendar

The system events that are added to the calendar are:

  • Bank Holidays (see 4 on the screenshot below). Assuming the add Bank Holidays option is selected in  Admin
  • Company Holidays e.g.  Christmas Closure (see 5 on the screenshot below). Assuming Company Holidays have been set up in Admin.
Bank Holidays and Company Holidays are universal features in the calendar. If an employee is set to not include Bank Holidays or Company Holidays, although those dates won’t appear in the employees leave card and the days will not be deducted from the employees leave entitlement; those dates will, however, appear in the employee calendar.
  • Annual Leave that the employee has  requested, that has been approved or is being reviewed (see 6 on the screenshot below)
Annual Leave requested or approved is deducted from the annual leave entitlement. Anual leave requests under review are not.
  • Any absences posted on the system including sickness absence, compassionate or family friendly leave  (see 7 and 8 on the screenshot below).
  • Any appraisals or performance reviews booked through the systems appraisal module. (see 9 on the screenshot below).
  • Any training event that the employee has been booked onto using the systems training Module (see 10 on the screenshot below)
An Administrator can only view an individual’s record in the calendar function. To view system generated events for all employees the Administrator must use the Staff Planner .

Screen Shot

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