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In Verde HR you can use the Staff Planner to see at a glance which staff are absent  duriing a particular period. E.G. if a person requests leave you can go to the staff planner and see who is absent during that time, it will include any approved holidays, any current or  planned sickness or other absences e.g a Dr.’s appointment, Jury Duty, etc.  You can access the staff planner by selecting Staff Planner on the Admin side menu.

How to Use the Staff Planner

  • Select the categories of staff you want to view from the  Status drop down menu (see 1 on the screenshot below) You can chosse Active i.e. all active employees (the default option), Leavers, Pending (this is people who haven’t yet joined the company but are scheduled to do so), All.
  • Select the First date of the period you want to review  (see 2 on the screenshot below)
You can input a date by either using the calendar or typing it in using the format dd/mm/yyyy.
  • From the Drop Down List  Status (see 3 on the screenshot below)select the time frame you want to review (1 day, 7 days, 14 days, 21 days, 28 days)
  • Press List (see 4 on the screenshot below) this will produce a list and the days where employees have planned absences,sicknesss or approved annual leave will be highlighted.
Below is an example where a booked holiday is highlighted against the employee’s calendar on the planner.
The planner will only give accurate information if all holidays and absences are manged via Verde HR.
  • You can scroll down the list using the scroll bar (see 6 on the screenshot below) or
  • You can select an individual employee by typing their name into the search bar (see 7 on the screenshot below).
To create a new list just follow the steps outlined above

Screen Shot

If you want to increase the size of this image, click on “Open image in new tab”. Or use “pinch” if viewing on a phone or tablet.

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