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Document Manangement

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The File-Store is a document management feature that allows those users with permissions to upload electronic files/documents to an employee’s record on Verde HR. This allows the user to label any stored document with a category and type for search convenience and organisation purposes. Users can also make notes in the notes section when saving a file on to Verde HR. To upload a document open an Employee Record.

How to Upload a File or Document

To upload a file record for an employee, please follow these steps:

  • From the Employee records page click on select Documents (see 1 on the screenshot below) from the side menu this will open a new menu below the top  menu, select Document Store (see 2 on the screenshot below) from that menu
  • If you are writing a note on behalf of someone else, select that person from the drop-down menu of the File Created For field (see 3 on the screenshot below).
N.B. You can only create a note on behalf of someone who is on the system.
  • Select the date and time of the uploaded file in the Date/Time field. Click on the Date Created  field (see 4 on the screenshot below) and a calendar and time options will show to select from.
N.B. The user can select a date and time that reflects when the document was created. This is so a letter dated 31/5/17 but was up loaded on the 31/7/17 can be dated 31/5/17 for search purposes. However, if the user does not select a date and time, it will default to the upload date and time.
  • Select the folder from the Folder drop down menu (see 5 on the screenshot below).
  • Select a sub folder for the document from the Sub Folder drop down (see 6 on the screenshot below).
N.B. It is advised that you decide on Folders and Sub Folder rules you will apply to which documents  before uploading the documents on to Verde HR. This will help the user to search for documents by Foder and/or Sub Folder.
  • If you wish to set an expiry date for the file, click on the and a calendar and time options will show to select from.(see 7  on the screenshot below) and select a date for when a document expires
If you have a document that you want to be taken from the folder after a certain time, e.g. 5 years, this will automatically remove that file from the folder after the date in this field.
  • Go to the Select Documents to Save and select Choose Files (see 8 on the screenshot below) this will open up your directory go to the appropriate Directory/Sub Directory and select the file you want to upload by double clicking on the selected document
  • Click on the Save tab (see 9 on the screenshot below) to upload and save the document on the system
  • The uploaded document will be listed at the bottom of the screen under Files Saved (see highlighted section 10  on the screenshot below)
  • To upload a second or further document press the Clear tab (see 11  on the screenshot below) to clear the file details and start again
  • Type in the notes which you want to save for future reference in the Notes field (see 12 on the screenshot below).
  • Click on the Save tab (see X on the screenshot below)  to save your uploaded document and details.


To maintain relaible audit trails, uploaded files can not be altered or overwritten.  If you upload the same file more than once, it will create a new version with a version number of the original file.
  • If you only want to see the most recent version of a file in the file list press  No  on Show all versions (see X  on the screenshot below)
  • If you only want to see all versions of a file in the file list press  Yes  on Show all versions (see 8  on the screenshot below)
If you want to check the content of a file click on Download (see 13 on the screenshot below), and you can either open the file on your screen or print a copy.
If you know the name of a file you can search for it by typing the name into the search box (see 14 on the screenshot below). If you want to do a more sophisticated search based on dates or or file categories you can use the Employee Document Search feature in Admin.


Screen Shot

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