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Pay Rates

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In Verde HR You can identify the pay or benefits that the employee is currently earning; and you can store the employees’ pay history.  The system  stores all an employee’s pay history N.B. If you want to use the employees pay record to calculate outputs for payroll from time sheets or the e-clock you must mark the current pay  rate as active. To set an employee’s pay rate, open the employee record of the employee whose pay rate you want to manage. Open Organisation in the employee side menu (see 1 on the screenshot below) from the side menu this will open a new menu below the top menu, select Pay  (see 2 on the screenshot below) from that menu

How to Assign a Pay Rate to an Employee

Employees can only be assiggned a pay rate from a pay structure that has been created in Admin.
  • Select the pay rate for the employee from the Pay Title drop down menu (see 3 on the screenshot below).
The options listed in the drop-down menu will depend on the pay structure that have been set up in Admin.
  • Click on the Pay  Start Date field (see 4 on the screenshot below) to select the date when the employee was assigned to that particular pay structure.
  • Select whether or not this is the active pay grade from the dropdown Yes/No list in the Set Current Pay field (see 5 on the screenshot below).
Only one field can be set as the current Pay field.
You must set the current pay rate as the active pay rate if you want the system to calculate the hourly rate for time sheets and e-clock.
  • Optional type in some notes (if you have any) in the Pay Notes field (see 6 on the screenshot below).
  • Click on the Save button (see 7 on the screenshot below) to save your data.
N.B If you do not click on save, your actions will be lost, If you click clear or  open another pay grade record or move to another page.
  • If you want to create a new pay rate record You can clear the existing data from a form by selecting the yellow Clear button (see 8 on the screenshot below)
  • Pay Rates will be listed at the bottom of the screen under Pay History (see highlighted section 9 on the screenshot below)

How to Amend or Delete a Pay Rate Record

  • If you want to review or amend a time sheet entry, click on the Edit button (see 10 on the screenshot below) on the entry you want to amend from the ‘Pay History List’ on the bottom of the page.
  • To delete a pay rate record, click on the Delete tab (see 11 on the screenshot below). This will delete the pay rate record.
When you delete a pay rate record, you must click on Save to save your update  otherwise the record will be reinstated when you move to a new page or press clear to create a new pay rate record.

Screen Shot

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