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The File Notes feature allows users with appropriate permissions to make notes in the file notes section. These notes can be on any topic. The notes can be easily stored and retrieved. To create a file note, open an Employee Record.
N.B. To allow them to be submitted in the event of a dispute, file notes once created cannot be altered or amended, and after 12 months are automatically deleted.  They are aide memoirs and reminders not an alternative record keeping system.

How to Create a File Note

  • From the Employee records page click on select Documents (see 1 on the screenshot below) from the side menu this will open a new menu below the top  menu, select File Notes (see 2  on the screenshot below) from that menu
As the logged-on user, you will be automatically be assigned to the file note.
  • If you are writing a note on behalf of someone else, select that person from the drop-down menu of the Stored For Who field (see 3 on the screenshot below).
N.B. You can only create a note on behalf of someone who is on the system.
  • Type in the title of the note in the File Note Title field (see 4 on the screenshot below).
The file note must have a title.
  • Select the date and time of the note taken in the File Note Date field (see 5 on the screenshot below)
N.B. If you do not select a time and date, it will select the time and date of the upload. However, if you do select a date and time, it can still identify when the file note was created.
  • Type in the notes you want to save for future reference in the Notes Contents field (see 6 on the screenshot below)
  • Click on the Save tab (see 7 on the screenshot below)to save your file note.

How to Add a File Note

To add a new file note entry, follow these steps:

  • Click on the yellow Clear tab (see 8 on the screenshot below).
  • Fill in the required fields as outlined above.
  • Click on the Save tab (see 7 on the screenshot below) to save your new entry
  • All file notes entries will be listed below the ‘File Note List’ at the bottom of the screen (see the highlighted section 9  on the screenshot below).
  • To open a file note click on Select (see 10 on the screenshot below)

Screen Shot

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