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Add a Vehicle

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Using the Add Vehicle feature in Verde HR,  you can  add vehicles to the vehicle inventory list , you can set dates when MOT’s Road Tax and services are due, and you can create notes related to that vehicle.
You can add vehicles to the inventory in the Admin section of Verde HR. To add a vehicle, log on to the software. It will automatically open in Self-Serve on the My Holidays page; Click on Admin (see 1 on the screenshot below) in the Top Menu, then select Assets (see 2 on the screenshot below) from the side menu this will open a new menu below the top  menu, select Vehicles (see 3  on the screenshot below) from that menu.

How to Add a Vehicle to the Vehicle Inventory

  • Type in the vehicle make in the  Make field (see 4 on the screenshot below),
  • Type in the vehicle registration number in the Registration Number field (see 5 on the screenshot below) ,
  • Select the MOT date from the  calendar in the MOT Date  field (see 6  on the screenshot below)
  • Select the date the road tax is due to expire from  the  calendar in the Road Tax Date field (see 7  on the screenshot below)
  • Select the date the next service is due from the calendar in the Service Date  field (see 8  on the screenshot below)
If you leave any of the date fields  blank it will by default add “Today” and consequently the field will be red to indicate an action is overdue.
You can input a date by either using the calendar or typing it in using the format dd/mm/yyyy.
  • Optional you can add notes in to the Additional Notes  field (see 8 on the screenshot below)
  • Click on Save (see 9  on the screenshot below) to save the details you have entered for the vehicle
N.B If you do not click on save, the the vehicle record will be lost, once you clear the form to add another vehicle, or move to another page.

How to Add, Amend or Delete a Vehicle Record

  • To add additional vehicles, click on the Clear button (see 10 on the screenshot below) This will clear the data from the form and you can add  another vehicle, as outlined above
  • If you want to view or edit any of the vehicles in the inventory, you will find them listed at the bottom of the screen under Our Vehicle Fleet, (see highlighted section 11 on the screenshot below)
  • Click Select (see section 12  on the screenshot below) on the vehicle you would like to view or edit,. You can change the information by rewriting it as outlined above.
  • You can delete completely any vehicle by selecting the vehicle  from the Our Vehicle Fleet list at the bottom of the screen, (see highlighted section 11 on the screenshot below) and pressing the Delete button (see section 12 on the screenshot below).
When you delete a vehicle, you must click on Save to save your update  otherwise the vehicle will be reinstated when you move to a new page or press clear to create a new record.
You can create notes and a vehicle history against each vehicle by selecting the Add and History buttons (see section 13 and 14  on the screenshot below).


To make visual checks easy, the system turns the MOT, Road Tax and Service Dates amber 28 days before the date in the field, they will remain amber until the day they are due, at which point they will become red. They will remain red thereafter until the date is changed (see 15  on the screenshot below).

Screen Shot

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