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Vehicle Inspection

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If you have been assigned a Company Vehicle you can carry out your routine vehicle checks on a phone or tablet using the Vehicle feature in Self-Serve.

How to Carry Out a Vehicle Inspection  in self serve

This Vehicle page in self serve allows you to  carry out routine vehicle checks in self-serve from a phone or tablet
  • To carry out a vehicle check, log on to the App.
  • Self-Serve opens automatically in “Holiday
  • Click on Vehicle in the Side Menu (See 1 in the screenshot below)
  • The My Assigned Vehicle page will open.
  • If you have had a vehicle assigned to you, the details and registration number will be in the Current Vehicle window   (See 2 in the screenshot below).
  • To carry out a vehicle Inspection follow these steps:
  • Enter the start and end Mileage (See 3 and 4 in the screenshot below)
These fields are optional, and their use will depend on company policy. Some companies, for example, may want to carry out weekly Inspection and will ask for the mileage at the start of the week and at the end of the week, to be entered into the Start Mileage and End Mileage respectively,  others may want inspections at the start of each day and may  only want the mileage at the start of the day  leaving the end mileage blank.
  • Select oil, water and screen wash status from the appropriate dropdown menu (See 5, 6 and 7 in the screenshot below)
  • Select windscreen, windscreen wiper, tyre, interior and exterior condition  from the appropriate dropdown menu (See 8,9,10,11 and 12 in the screenshot below)
  • If you wish to add any comments and them to the Additional Notes box (See 13 in the screenshot below)
  • Once you have, finishedyour vehicle Inspection click on the Save tab (See 14 in the screenshot below).
If you do not click on the save button, all your notes will be lost once you leave the page. N.B. By pressing save, you are making a binding statement tha that the report is an accurate description of the condition of the vehicle at the time the report is submitted .

You can see your recent inspection history listed in My Vehicle Inspection History (See 15 in the screenshot below)

Video Tutorial

You can view a video tutorial here. The video opens in a new screen so you will need to return to this tab when the video has finished.

Screen Shot

If you want to increase the size of this image, click on “Open image in new tab”. Or use “pinch” if viewing on a phone or tablet.

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