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Submit an Expenses Claim in Self-Serve

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You can submit an expenses claim from your phone or tablet using the expenses feature in self-serve.

How to submit an expenses claim in self-serve

The expenses page in self serve allows you to submit an expenses claim and photograph the receipt and attach it to the claim in self-seve from a phone or tablet
  • To submit an expenses claim, log on to the App.
  • Self-Serve opens automatically in “Holiday
  • Click on Expenses in the Side Menu (See 1 in the screenshot below)
  • The Expenses Claim Form  will open.
  • If you know the accounts name or cost code name for the item you are claiming select it from the dropdown menu in the  Item Name window   (See 2 in the screenshot below).
If you don’t know, or are not sure of  the cost code name the system will default to “other see description”,  you don’t need to do anything esle.
  • To submit your expenses claim follow these steps:
  • Enter the Value and the Quantity of the items being claimed (See 3 and 4 in the screenshot below)
The system will calculate the total value, (See 5, in the screenshot below). For example, if you are claimimg for 10 miles at 45 pence per mile, the quatity will be 10 the value 0.45, the system will calculate  £4.50.  If it was a claim for car parking at £5.00 the quantity would be 1 and the value would be 5. the system would calculate £5.
  • State the date the expense was incurred by selecting the calendar in the the Expenses Incurred window. This will usually be the date on the receipt or invoice (See 6, in the screenshot below)
Alternatively, you can type the date in directly using the format dd/mm/yyyy, e.g. 16/06/2017
  • Upload a copy of the receipts by slecting “Choose Files” from the Receipts window (See 7 in the screenshot below)
From your tablet or mobile phone, you can either take a picture from your photo library or take a photo with the device camera.
Thje system creates the information for the Submited Date (see 8 in the screenshot below) and the status (see 9 in the screenshot below). The sumitted date is always the date the claim is made on the app and may be different from the expenses date. The status is always submitted as the claim has not yet been approved. When a claim is approved by Admin, the status will change and you will receive an confirmation e-mail.
  • If you wish you can give a brief description of the claim you have submitted in the  Item Description window (See 10 in the screenshot below)
  • To confirm it is a legitimately incurred expense select the  I confirm this is a legitimately incurred business (See 11 in the screenshot below).
If you do not tick to confirm that this is a this is a legitimately incurred business expense, your claim will not be processed. N.B. By ticking to confirm that this is a this is a legitimately incurred business expense you are making a binding statement of the legitimacy of the claim.
  • Click on the Save tab (see 12 on the screenshot below) to submit your expense claim
N.B If you do not click on save, the expense claim will be lost, once you move to another page.

If you wish to creat a new expenses claim, you can clear the existing data from a form by selecting the yellow Clear button (see 13 on the screenshot below)

Screen Shot

If you want to increase the size of this image, click on “Open image in new tab”. Or use “pinch” if viewing on a phone or tablet.

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