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Simple Absence Recording

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With Verde HR, you can allowa admin staff or receptionsits to record sickness absence when an employee reports in sick. They can do this without access to the main system, and so can not see any sensitive employee information.

How to Record Sickness Absence

  • To access simple absence recording  select Absence (see 1 on the screenshot below) from the top menu
Only employees who have been given permissions to view the simple absence reporting feature will see the Absence icon on the top menu.
  • The person recording the absence will select the employee from the drop down list in the Who field (see 2  on the screenshot below)
This feature is designed only to record sickness absence. Therefore all absences will be recorded as sickness absences.
  • They will add some note in the Absence Notes field (see 3 on the screenshot below)
  • They will addthe number of days they have been told the absence will last into the Days field (see 4 on the screenshot below)
The systen automatically date stamps the entry with the day the absence was recorded. This is designed for dealing with absence in real time and not more sophisticated absence manangement. The employee absence feature does that.
  • Then click on SAVE (see 5 on the screenshot below) to save the record
N.B If you do not click on save, the data will be lost, once you create another record or move to another page.
This is simple absence record will offer basic information, for example if an employee phones in and say he/she doesn’t feel well enough to come in, but they will be back at work tomorrow, and then phones in the next day and says they are now having 2 days off rather than 1, the system treat it as 2  x 1 day absences rather than 1 x 2 day absence. This will affect the accuracy of certain reports such as the Bradford Factor report.  Simple absence records will need to be checked and verified in the employee absence module, by an authotised administrator.

Screen Shot

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