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Request A Holiday in Self Serve

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How to request leave

You can submit a holiday request using your pc, laptop, phone or tablet.
N.B. you cannot amend holiday request in self-serve. If you make a mistake, you must contact HR or you line mananger to change the holiday request details.

Remember when you request a holidays, although the holidays approved or taken (marked no 6 on the screenshot below) increases, and the holidays avavilable (marked no 7 on the screenshot below) decreases, your holiday request is not approved until your line manager sets them as approved, and you receive an approval e-mail. N.B. the holidays will be reinstated to your leave balance, should your request not be approved.

When you open self serve, it will automatically open on the request a holiday page.  To request a holiday, users must follow the steps below:

On the page fill in the required information:

  • Optional, select the period of the holiday from the Period  drop down menu, (Marked 1 on the screenshot below).
  • Choose the first and last dates of the holiday from the drop-down calendar menu of the Holiday First Date and Holiday Last Date, (Marked 2 on the screenshot below).
    The holiday last date is the last working day of the leave period not the return to work day.
  • Input the duration of the holiday in hours or days in the Duration box, (Marked 3 on the screenshot below).
  • Optional, type in any notes that you may have which is related to your holiday request in the Notes, (Marked 4 on the screenshot below).
  • Click Save, to submit you holiday request, (Marked 5 on the screenshot below).
    When you submit a holiday request your mananger or whoever has been set to approve your holidays will receive an e-mail.  Also it will be added to your holiday list (marked no 8 on the screenshot below) with the status of requested. If the request is approved or rejected by your line mananger the status in your holiday list will change accordingly and you will receive an e-mail confirming the decision.

Video Tutorial

You can view a video tutorial here. The video opens in a new screen so you will need to return to this tab when the video has finished.

Screen Shot

If you want to increase the size of this image, click on “Open image in new tab”. Or use “pinch” if viewing on a phone or tablet.

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