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You can change and update some of your  personal details via the My Details feature in  Self-Serve. In Self-serve you can update your telephone number, mobile number, address, and Known-As fields. Toupdate your personal details, log on to the software. Self-Serve opens automatically in My Holidays; Click on the Details tab in the side menu, then select My Details in the top menu. 

Update My Details

To update your contact details, please follow these steps:

  • In Self-Serve Select Details from the side menu
  • From the Details section select My Details from the top menu.
  • The My Details page will open, you can update the telephone and mobile number fields as well as address, town, county, and post code and Known-As fields.
  • To update a field, click on the field you wish to update and re-write the contents.
  • Click on the Save tab before you leave the page to save your updates.
N.B If you do not click on Save, the changes will be lost, once you move to another page.
N.B. You cannot change or update your first name, last name, email address, age, start or finish date of employment, or length of service.

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