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To login either click on the verdeHR icon in the PBS App, follow the Verde HR link on your desktop, or go to

How to Login

Your password is confidential to you, we recommend you never share it with a friend or work colleague.

To login follow these steps:

  • Input our e-mail address, (see 1 on the screenshot below) this is the e-mail you use for the system,
  • Input your password (see 2 on the screenshot below)
  • Answer the security to question (see 3 on the screenshot below)
  • To login press submit (see 4 on the screenshot below)
To clear existing data from the login page click onthe blue Reset button (see 5 on the screenshot below).
If you forget your password you can open the reset password page by clicking on reset it here (see 6 on the screenshot below) at the top of the page.

Screen Shot

If you want to increase the size of this image, click on “Open image in new tab.”

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