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How to Review an Expenses Claim for an employee

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Review an Expenses Claim

You can review an employee’s expenses claim submitted in Self-Serve in Verde HR. To review an expenses claim, log on to the software. Self-Serve opens automatically in My Holidays; Click on Employees (see 1 on the screenshot below) in the Top Menu, then select Expenses  (see 2 on the screenshot below) from the side menu this will open the expenses claim form and expenses list for that employee.
You can not amend an expenses claim, you can however make comments on the claim and change the status from “submitted”  to, change the status of the claim to “Approved”, “Declined” or “Pending”.
  • Select the expense you want review by highlighting it in the list at the bottom of the page  (See 3 in the screenshot below) then select the yellow “Select” button  (See 4 in the screenshot below). This will open that claim in the expenses form.
  • You cannot change the accounts name or cost code name for the item you are reviewing (See 5 in the screenshot below).
  • You cannot amend the  Value and the Quantity of the items being claimed (See 6 and 7 in the screenshot below)
The system will calculate the total value, (See 8, in the screenshot below).
  • You cannot change the date the date the expense was incurred by selecting the calendar in the the Expenses Incurred window. (See 9, in the screenshot below)
Alternatively, you can type the date in directly using the format dd/mm/yyyy, e.g. 16/06/2017
  • You can change the status from “submitted”  to “Approved”, “Declined” or “Pending” (See 10 in the screenshot below)
  • you can view uploaded receipts by slecting  the blue “Receipts” button (See 11 in the screenshot below)
This will download a copy of the receipt which can be saved, viewed or printed.
The system creates the information for the Submitted Date (see 12 in the screenshot below) and the status (see 10 in the screenshot below). The submitted date is always the date the claim is made on the app and may be different from the expenses date. The status is always “submitted” when the claim is first made. You can, if you choose to, change the status of the claim to “Approved”, “Declined” or “Pending”.
  • You cannot change the description of the claim  in the  Item Description window (See 13 in the screenshot below)
  • Yo can add notes on the claim, in the Staus Notes Box, (See 14 in the screenshot below)
  • Click on the Save tab (see 15 on the screenshot below) to savethe changes you have made to the expense claim
N.B If you do not click on save, the changes will be lost, once you move to another page.
  • You can clear the existing data from the form, to do this select the yellow Clear button (see 16 on the screenshot below).
  • Press the red Delete button (see 17 on the screenshot below)
    When you delete an expenses claim it can not be recovered, and you must click on Save to save your update  otherwise the record will be reinstated when you move to a new page or press clear to create a new record.
You can set who receives an e-mail alert when the employee submits an expenses claim, e.g. yourself or an alias.
You can run an expenses report by clicking on Admin/Reports, and selecting Expenses report from the select report dropdown.

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