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How to Create Overtime Rates

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You can define Overtime Rates in Verde HR. To define an overtime rate, log on to the software. Self-Serve opens automatically in My Holidays; Click on Admin (see 1 on the screenshot below) in the Top Menu, then select Organisation (see 2 on the screenshot below) from the side menu this will open a new menu below the top  menu, select Overtime Rates (see 3 on the screenshot below) from that menu

Overtime rates

Overtime Rates are NOT amounts but factors. Therefore, an Overtime Rate might be single time in which case the factor is one. E.G. if the hourly rate for a particular post is £10, then pay rate Overtime Rate one for that post will be £10. If Overtime Rate  2 is a factor of 1.25 then Overtime Rate 2  for a post where the hourly rate is £10 pay rate 2 would be £12.50. If Overtime Rate 3 is a factor of 1.5 then pay rate 3 for a post where the pay rate is £10, Overtime Rate 3 will be £15.


Open the job role page in Admin/Organisation/Overtime Rates as outlined above.

When the Overtime Rates page opens, you can create Overtime Rates based on your company policy

Here are the steps to follow:

  • In the Overtime Rates Form, type in the title of the Overtime Rate Name in the Overtime Rate Name (see 4 on the screenshot below) field
  •  Type in a description of the Overtime Rate in the Overtime Rate Full Description (see 5 on the screenshot below) field Optional.
  • The description should explain what the factor is and when it should be used e.g. double time for Sunday working.
  • Type in the pay factor in the Rate (see 6 on the screenshot below) field.
  • Click on Save (see 7 on the screenshot below) to save the New Overtime Rate you entered before you add more pay rates.
    N.B If you do not click on update, the data will be lost, once you Press Clear to clear the data and add a new Overtime Rate or if you move to another page.
This is a data driven field and the factor is the unique identifier. Therefore, you can only have one rate per factor. E.G. You cannot have two pay rates at 1.5 for two different types of time and a half.
  • You can create as many Overtime Rates as you may need.
  • You can view or edit any of the Overtime Rates entries, they are at the bottom of the screen under the Overtime Rates List (see 8 on the screenshot below)
  • Click on the Clear (see 9 on the screenshot below) button
  • Click on the yellow Select (see 10 on the screenshot below) button of  pay rate you would like to view or edit, then it will populate the Overtime Rate Form. Change the information by rewriting on the Title or description field, then click Save to save the revised Overtime Rate.
  • You can delete completely an Overtime Rate by clicking on the yellow Select button of the Overtime Rate you want to delete clicking on the Delete (see 11 on the screenshot below) button.
When you delete an Overtime Rate, you must click on Save to save your update  otherwise the record will be reinstated when you move to a new page or press clear to create a new record.

Screen Shot


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