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Create a Compliance Event

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Verde HR allows you to create compliance alerts. These compliance alerts will  allow you to track compliance requirements of a company. You can set up, a statutory, regulatory or policy compliance requirements.  Generic compliance requirements are created in Admin E.G. Driving Licence Checks, DBS Checks First Aider or CSCS certification expiry dates These compliance events are assigned to specific employees with  further details and review/expiry dates.
You can create a compliance event  in the Admin section of Verde HR. To create a compliance event, log on to the software. It will automatically open in Self-Serve on the My Holidays page; Click on Admin (see 1 on the screenshot below) in the Top Menu, then select Compliance (see 2 on the screenshot below) from the side menu this will open a new menu below the top  menu, select Compliance (see 3  on the screenshot below) from that menu.

How to Create a Compliance Event

Go to Admin/Compliance/Compliance as outlined above

  • Type in the name of the compliance event you want to create e.g. Driving Licence Check) in the Compliance Name field (see 4  on the screenshot below)
  • Set the Status of the compliance even by selecting either Statutory Requirement, Regulatory Requirement, Company Requirement, or other from the Compliance Status drop down menu (see 5  on the screenshot below).
A Statutory requirement is something that is required by law, e.g., you must have driving licence to drive a vehicle. Certain jobs require DBS checks.

A Regulatory requirement refers to requirements made by an industry’s regulator which often is the clarification of a statutory requirement, e.g., the regulator may require more frequent DBS checks or attendance on specified courses.

A Company requirements refers to any requirements set by a company which must be followed and/or fulfilled.

  • Optional, you can type in a description of the Compliance Event in the Full Description field (see 6 on the screenshot below).
  • Click on Save button (see 7 on the screenshot below) to save the compliance event.
N.B If you do not click on save, the compliance event will be lost, once you clear the form to create another compliance event, or move to another page.
  • You can create as many compliance entries as you may need. Click on the Clear button (see highlighted section 8 on the screenshot below) to clear the form and add a new compliance entry.
  • You can view or edit compliance entries, you will find them listed at the bottom of the screen, (see highlighted section 9 on the screenshot below)
  • Click Select (see section X on the screenshot below) on the compliance entry you would like to view or edit.  You can change the information by rewriting the  compliance entry as outlined above.
  • You can delete a compliance even entry  entry by selecting the compliance entry from the Compliance List and clicking on the Delete button (see section 10 on the screenshot below).
When you delete a compliance event, you must click on Save to save your update  otherwise the record will be reinstated when you move to a new page or press clear to create a new record.

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