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Company Documents

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You can view and download shared company documents such as policies, procedures, etc.  via the Company Documents feature in the Self-Serve module. To view Company Documents, log on to the software. Self-Serve opens automatically in My Holidays; Click on the My Documents in the side menu, then select Company Documents  in the top menu.

Company Documents

  • To access and view Company Documents in  self serve:
  • Select My Documents from the side menu (see 1 on the screenshot below)
  • Select Company Documents from the top menu (see 2 on the screenshot below)
  • Hover over and click the yellow “Download” button of the  the document you want to download from the My Recent Company Documents list. (see 3 on the screenshot bel.
  • The selected document will be downloaded for you to view or print. 

N.B. The Self-Serve access user cannot delete or upload any company shared document on the Company Documents page. Only users with Administration access can upload these files for staff members.

Screen Shot

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