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You can  access your appraisals history through the appraisal functionality on the Self-Serve module.

How to view and comment on an appraisal in self serve

This appraisal page in self serve allows you to view the  comments of your apprariser and the appraisal reviewer (if there is one) and to add your own comments. If you want to review all the appraisal documentation click on the blue Print button and a pdf of the appraisal will be generated. This file can eiher be printed or saved.
  • To view your appraisal history including any active appraisals, log on to the App.
  • Self-Serve opens automatically in “My Holidays
  • Click on the My Appraisal option from the Self Serve side menu (See 1 in the screenshot below). The appraisal page will open.
  • Your appraisal history will be listed at the bottom of the page (See 2 in the screenshot below).  To view an appraisal, click on the “select” (See 3 in the screenshot below). at the begining of the row. The appraisal will be loaded.
You will be able to view your appraisals and add your notes in the My Notes box. N.B. The Appriaser’s Notes and the Reviewer’s Notes are view only. You can see what has been written, but you can’t alter, amend or delete it.
  • If you add any notes in the MY Notes section (See 4 in the screenshot below), click on the Save tab (See 5 in the screenshot below).
If you do not click on the save button, all your notes will be lost once you leave the page.

Screen Shot

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