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Verde HR is a cloud-based HR platform that helps UK businesses of all sizes streamline their HR & Payroll processes, improve employee engagement and give their employees the ability to self-serve.

  • Automate and simplify mundane and time consuming HR tasks; saving you time and money

  • Simple and robust data storage guaranteeing access to employee records and information at any time that it’s required.

  • Store employee data to be fully compliant with data legislation, and where appropriate the requirements regulators.

  • A robust business continuity framework employee data, all data is mirrored and backed up.

  • Manage and mitigate their employment law risk with systems that measure and monitor that risk.


Automate repetitive HR tasks

You don’t need to fill your day tracking sickness, approving holiday requests, updating employee information, and compiling turnover reports. The VerdeHR cloud platform automates the repetitive tasks you hate, so you can focus on responsibilities that have real impact on your organisation.


Drive action with explosive reports

Verde HR helps you discover vital HR information, and present it to your fellow business leaders, HR managers and staff in a way that drives positive action.

Stop wrestling with spreadsheets, and use our explosive graphical HR Reports to bring your important data to life.


Make smarter HR decisions

Verde HR helps you make smarter HR decisions, by recommending actions based on HR best practice. See what other HR managers and professionals are doing, to learn from your peers and improve your decision making. Then benchmark your HR statistics against other organisations in your industry, to find out where you need to improve.


Frequently Asked Questions

What does Verde HR actually do?

Verde HR offers a number of different features to suit your business needs. Our core features include our HR self-service system, a centralised employee document database and attendance management software. However some are more specific to your requirements, such as our Applicant Tracking System, performance management and HR reporting features. Learn more about our features on our product page.

How will Verde HR actually help my business?

Verde HR helps your business by managing your HR requirements, understanding and reporting on your data, and taking the right action to accelerate growth.

  • Simplify your HR processes and reduce admin spend by automating HR tasks
  • Avoid common compliance risks
  • Keep HR data secure, organised and centralised
  • Reduce manual errors and eradicate spreadsheet hell
  • Manage your employee lifecycle all in one integrated system
Is my business data safe?

At Verde HR, we prioritize your peace of mind when it comes to storing sensitive documents securely. Our secure document storage feature is designed to safeguard your valuable HR information, ensuring confidentiality and compliance with data protection regulations.

With Verde HR, you can trust that your documents are stored in a highly secure environment, protected by advanced encryption protocols and robust access controls. Whether it’s employee records, payroll documents, or confidential company policies, our platform offers a reliable repository that you can count on.

Rest assured that your data is safe with us. We understand the importance of maintaining the integrity and confidentiality of your HR documents, and our secure storage solution reflects our commitment to keeping your information protected at all times.

As part of our comprehensive implementation process, we’ll guide you through setting up and utilizing our secure document storage feature effectively. Additionally, our expert training and ongoing support ensure that you and your team can leverage this functionality seamlessly, empowering you to manage your HR processes with confidence and efficiency.

Experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing your HR documents are in safe hands with Verde HR.

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